What is YAIG?

The YAIG Primary Purpose Statement

Our Primary Purpose, through collective and coordinated service, is to carry the message to those who yet suffer from alcoholism. The Intergroup shall act in a cooperative manner with individuals, clergy, groups, hospitals, institutions, and other self-help programs, within the scope of the Traditions, for the purpose of those still suffering alcoholics seeking help. In addition, Intergroup seeks the continuity and unity of our beloved Fellowship, for on A.A. Unity depends our lives and the lives of those yet to come. To those ends we dedicate our services.

The following is a summary of services available through your Intergroup office:

  •  First and foremost we are here to make easy access and be a direct link between the new person and A.A.. Our main objective is to have information available 24/7 for the newcomer, current A.A. members, and the general public with questions about A.A.. This information is currently accessible by telephone at 330-270-3000. Our telephones are answered by YAIG volunteers during regular business hours, (Monday thru Friday 9:00a.m. – 5:00p.m. and weekends 9:00a.m. – 1:00p.m.) and by a professional answering service after hours.
  •  YAIG provides Twelfth Step calls for individuals seeking help. In such cases, the YAIG desk worker will take the name and phone number of the caller and arrange contact with a member on the Twelfth Step Call List (a group of A.A. members who have volunteered to be a contact for a newcomer or the still suffering alcoholic.) If the caller prefers, they can come in to the office and talk with the desk worker for more information. (NOTE: NO Twelfth Step Call List contact names or phone numbers are given out!)
  • YAIG sells A.A. conference-approved literature at General Service Office suggested retail prices. Coins, anniversary coins, meeting schedules, other A.A. literature, and A.A. related items are sold at retail or market price for the convenience of the area A.A. groups, A.A. members, and the general public.
  • YAIG publishes a monthly newsletter, Pass It On, to inform members of upcoming A.A. events, meeting changes, and anniversaries.
  • YAIG is involved in carrying the message by supplying information to hospitals, institutions, and schools while cooperating with the professional community in our area
  • The YAIG location is currently large enough for several A.A. groups to rent space for their meetings. .
  • YAIG schedules annual fund-raisers such as the Pasta Dinner and the Gratitude Banquet.
  • YAIG supplies the most up to date meeting and event information available in the maintenance of the meeting schedules, newsletter and the website.
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